Quarantine Helper: Holier And Molier


May 22nd, 2020

9 mins 2 secs

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Trapped at home? Forced to engage with family and loved ones? We are here to help a little bit with temporary Friday releases of some Extra Extra Hot Great episodes from our Patreon support system.

EEHG 019: Holier And Molier: Last week, we bade farewell to ABC's Holey Moley. As of this recording, we tragically don't yet know if it will return for a second season -- but whether or not it does, surely we can all agree that what the TV landscape needs is more GIANT and EXTREME versions of silly and/or low-stakes games that are generally played while participants are at least buzzed.

Our challenge today is to choose such a game; name your show; describe how you would extreme-ify the game for TV; name your Steph Curry -- the ideal celebrity EP who could actually help you get it made; and cast your host(s) and, if you wish, color commentator(s). From January 24, 2020.

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