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The Canon & The Nonac

The Canon & The Nonac

Each week we hear a pitch for an episode of a TV to be included into The Canon. Sometimes it is one of the EHG gang pitching, sometimes a guest, and sometimes EHG listeners just like you. When an episode wins a majority of votes it is in The Canon for eternity. Asterisks denote an episode from original EHG run (not currently available). Also listed here are the episode nominated for The Canon's evil twin: The Nonac! († denotes EHG Mark I entries, not available.)

The Canon

Show Episode Title Y/N Ep.#
30 Rock Double-Edged Sword 090†
30 Rock Hard Ball 002†
30 Rock Rosemary’s Baby 042†
30 Rock Cleveland 093
30 Rock Succession 226
A.P. Bio Teacher Jail 340
Absolutely Fabulous Small Opening 072†
Adventure Time Rainy Day Daydream 091
Alias Truth Be Told 069†
Alias Second Double and The Telling 219
America’s Next Top Model The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge 005
America’s Next Top Model Game 298
American Crime Story House By The Lake 277
American Vandal Premature Theories 275
The Americans Martial Eagle 286
The Amazing Race An Unexpected Twist 017
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Senegal 255
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Houston 323
Archer Killing Utne 049†
Archer Skytanic 198
Are You The One Come One, Come All 279
Arrested Development Good Grief 014†
Arrested Development Forget Me Now 057†
Avatar: The Last Airbender City Of Walls And Secrets 317
Atlanta Teddy Perkins 257
Barney Miller Hash 160
Barry Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast and Keep Going 250
Barry ronny/lily 328
Baskets Easter In Bakersfield 295
Batman: The Animated Series Heart Of Ice 210
Battlestar Galactica 33 036†
Best Friends Forever The Butt Dial 088
Better Call Saul Chicanery 202
Better Off Ted Racial Insensitivity 086†
Better Things Future Fever 088
Beverly Hills, 90210 Castles In The Sand 009†
Beverly Hills, 90210 The Next 50 Years 013
Beverly Hills, 90210 Spring Dance 242
Big Little Lies Once Bitten 199
Big Love Come Ye Saints 016
Big Mouth I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah 303
Blackadder Goodbyeee 280
Black Mirror The National Anthem 003
Bob's Burgers Topsy 120
Bob's Burgers The Equestranots 237
BoJack Horseman Fish Out Of Water 134
BoJack Horseman After The Party 195
Breaking Bad One Minute 007
Breaking Bad Ozymandias 098
Breaking Bad 4 Days Out 109
Broad City Coat Check 115
Brothers And Sisters Something Ida This Way Comes 113
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Christmas 073
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween II 096
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Safe House 213
Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Body 007†
Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Gift 024†
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dopplegangland 009
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hush 062
Catastrophe S01.E01 162
Catastrophe S02.E01 143
The Characters Tim Robinson 209
Charmed Morality Bites 238
Cheer God Blessed Texas 297
Cheers Endless Slumper 040
Cheers Simon Says 067
Clone High Film Fest: Tears Of A Clone 008†
Clone High Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode 063†
Clone High Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: The Makeover Episode 041
The Colbert Report January 18, 2011 056†
Columbo Murder By The Book 215
The Comeback Valerie Relaxes In Palm Springs 033
The Comeback Valerie Gets What She Really Wants 069
Community App Development And Condiments 304
Community Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 230
Community Modern Warfare 025†
Connections Death In The Morning 200
The Cosby Show Denise’s Friend 062†
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Josh Just Happens To Live Here! 194
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Josh And I Go To Los Angeles! 306
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I’m Going On A Date With Josh’s Friend! 182
The Critic Miserable 074†
Daria Monster 022†
Dawson’s Creek Castaways 037†
Deadwood Sold Under Sin 088†
Deadwood A Lie Agreed Upon, Part 1 122
Designing Women Killing All The Right People 170
Degrassi Junior High The Best Laid Plans 133
Detroiters Smilin’ Jack 177
Dinosaurs Changing Nature 309
Doctor Who Blink 036
Doctor Who Midnight 233
Doctor Who Heaven Sent 287
Documentary Now! Parker Gail’s Location Is Everything 174
Documentary Now! Original Cast Album: Co-Op 321
Downton Abbey Series 1 Episode 3 067†
Drunk History Montgomery, AL 092
Eastbound & Down Chapter 23 030
Ellen The Puppy Episode 025
Enlightened Consider Helen 099
Enlightened Burn It Down 235
Enlightened The Weekend 267
Enlisted Alive Day 042
Episodes Episode Nine 044
ER All In The Family 117
ER Exodus 218
Everwood Home 125
Family Ties Speed Trap 139
Fargo Before The Law 105
Father Ted Song For Europe 164
Fawlty Towers The Germans 089
Felicity Spooked 010
Felicity Gimme An O! 039
Firefly Our Mrs. Reynolds 082†
Firefly Objects In Space 018
Fleabag S01.E01 208
Flight Of The Conchords Yoko 083†
Flight Of The Conchords New Fans 100
Flipping Out Irreconcilable Differences 201
Foyle's War Casualties Of War 295
Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends Mac Daddy 059†
Frasier Ham Radio 211
Frasier The Matchmaker 243
Freaks and Geeks Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers 026†
Freaks and Geeks The Garage Door 072
Friday Night Lights I Think We Should Have Sex 026†
Friday Night Lights Mud Bowl 080
Friends The Ones With The Embryos 017†
Friends The Ones Where Everyone Finds Out 044†
Friends The One Where Ross Got High 054
Fringe The Plateau 156
Fringe Transilience Thought Unifier-Model 11 059
Frisky Dingo Meet Awesome-X 003†
Frisky Dingo Pimp My Revenue 089†
Feud And The Winner Is… (The Oscars Of 1963) 314
Futurama Bendin’ In The Wind 010†
Futurama Fry And The Slurm Factory 181
Futurama Future Stock 060†
Futurama Time Keeps On Slippin’ 002
Futurama Insane In The Mainframe 027
Game Of Thrones Baelor 015
Game Of Thrones The Winds Of Winter 228
Garfunkel And Oates Speechless 131
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Once Upon A Beginning 265
Get A Life Spewey and Me 079†
Getting On This Is About Vomit, People 234
G.I. Joe The Viper Is Coming 083
Gilmore Girls Raincoats & Recipes 071†
Gilmore Girls Rory’s Birthday Parties 023
Gilmore Girls Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number 056
Given A Winter Story 312
GLOW Live Studio Audience 206
GLOW Nothing Shattered 253
The Golden Girls The Case of the Libertine Belle 046†
The Golden Girls Till Death Do We Volley 149
The Good Fight Day 485 274
The Good Place Michael’s Gambit 174
The Good Place Dance Dance Resolution 262
The Good Wife Red Team, Blue Team 046
The Good Wife Red Team, Blue Team 311
Gravity Falls The Time Traveler’s Pig 123
The Great British Bake Off Final (S06) 239
Grey's Anatomy As We Know It 276
The Grinder Grinder v Grinder 271
Halt And Catch Fire Signal To Noise 326
Happy Endings Four Weddings And A Funeral (Minus Three Weddings And One Funeral) 006
Happy Endings The Shershow Redemption 119
Happy Endings Cocktails & Dreams 141
Happy Endings The Marry Prankster 203
The Haunting Of Hill House Two Storms 295
High Maintenance Ex 135
Hilda The Midnight Giant 252
Home Movies Bye Bye Greasy 142
Home Movies Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion 288
Homicide: Life On The Street The Subway 102
Homicide: Life On The Street Three Men And Adena 207
How I Met Your Mother Slap Bet 043†
House House’s Head 221
Humans S01.E04 118
I Love Lucy Job Switching 112
I’m Alan Partridge Bravealan 081†
The Incredible Hulk Homecoming 136
Insecure Thirsty As Fuck 171
Insecure Hella LA 178
The IT Crowd Moss and the German 331
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare 047†
Joan of Arcadia Jump 087†
Joe Pera Talks With You Joe Pera Reads You The Church Announcements 329
Justified Cottonmouth 130
Justified Decoy 163
Just Shoot Me Slow Donnie 068†
Kids In The Hall Season 1 Episode 2 060†
Killing Eve Nice Face 214
The King Of Queens Clothes Encounters 240
The Larry Sanders Show Hank’s Sex Tape 027†
The Larry Sanders Show Where Is The Love? 227
Law & Order Damaged 012
Law & Order Mushrooms 050
Law & Order Performance 150
Law & Order Ain't No Love 316
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Wildlife 212
The Leftovers Guest 197
The Leftovers International Assassin 272
Living Single Great Expectations 300
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman Honeymoon In Metropolis 103
Look Around You Water 022
Lost House of the Rising Sun 065†
Lost Pilot 116
Louie Eddie 050†
Mad Men The Beautiful Girls 053†
Mad Men Shut The Door, Have A Seat 101
Mad Men The Wheel 136
Mad Men The Good News 147
Magnum, P.I. Paper War 064
Magnum, P.I. Did You See The Sunrise? 220
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Love Is All Around 075
Master Of None First Date 185
MASH Goodbye, Farewell and Amen 331
Melrose Place The Big Bang Theory 041†
Melrose Place The Bitch Is Back 082
Modern Family Fizbo 004†
The Mole The Eleventh Betrayal 344
Mom Spaghetti Sauce And A Dumpster Fire 279
Monty Python’s Flying Circus Whither Canada? 152
Mr. Robot eps1.0_hellofriend.mov 322
Mr. Show What To Think 030†
The Muppet Show Pearl Bailey 055
Murder, She Wrote If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly 285
My So-Called Life The Betrayal 006†
My So-Called Life Other People’s Mothers 020
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Mitchell 173
Nathan For You Finding Frances 241
The New Adventures Of Old Christine The New Adventures Of Old Christine 192
NewsRadio The Public Domain 018†
NewsRadio Super Karate Monkey Death Car 050
NewsRadio President 302
The Newsroom (CA) The Kevorkian Joke 111
Nightman Episode 1 184
Northern Exposure Cicely 050
The O.C. The Rainy Day Women 301
The Office (UK) Training 031†
The Office (UK) Christmas Special 063†
The Office (US) The Coup 015†
The Office (US) The Dundies 028†
The Office (US) The Injury 060†
The Office (US) Niagara 165
O.J. Made in America Pt. 5 258
One Day At A Time (2017) Not Yet 205
One Day At A Time (2017) Quinces 231
One Day At A Time (2017) Strays 261
The Other Two Chase Gets A Girlfriend 249
Outlander The Wedding 225
Oz Capital P 065
Parenthood Just Go Home 121
Parks & Recreation Jerry Painting 051†
Parks & Recreation Sister City 031
Parks & Recreation Flu Season 063
Parks & Recreation Recall Vote 334
Party Down Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh 048†
Party Down Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday 291
Party Of Five The Intervention 279
Peep Show A Beautiful Mind 084†
Perfect Strangers Just Desserts 330
Playing House 37 Weeks 053
Police Squad A Substantial Gift (The Broken Promise) 004†
Popular Caged 078†
Pose Mother Of The Year 236
Press Your Luck Episode 188 126
The Prisoner Many Happy Returns 289
Project Runway Flower Power 269
Psych Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast 140
Punky Brewster Cherie Lifesaver 029
Quantum Leap The Leap Home, Part 1 254
The Real Housewives Of New York City December: Berkshires 193
The Real Housewives Of Beverly HIlls The Dinner Party From Hell 268
The Real World Julie in a Homeless Shelter? 129
Ren & Stimpy Space Madness / The Boy Who Cried Rat 158
Review Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes 074
Rick & Morty Rick Potion #9 037
The Righteous Gemstones Interlude 273
Roseanne Homeward Bound 066†
Roseanne Don’t Make Me Over 060
Rosehaven S01.E04 251
RuPaul’s Drag Race Snatch Game 061
RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Revenge Of The Queens 223
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Girl Groups 324
Saturday Night Live Natalie Portman 019†
Saved By The Bell (2020) House Party 343
Schitt's Creek Wine and Roses 263
Scrubs My Half-Acre 144
Seinfeld The Hamptons 040†
Seinfeld The Pick 063†
Seinfeld The Contest 224
Sex And The City The Chicken Dance 294
Sex And The City The Agony and the Ex-tacy 333
Sherlock A Study in Pink 264
The Simpsons A Milhouse Divided 001†
The Simpsons Marge vs. Monorail 013†
The Simpsons The PTA Disbands 013†
The Simpsons You Only Move Twice 013†
The Simpsons Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily 061†
The Simpsons Homer At The Bat 077†
The Simpsons Lemon Of Troy 091†
The Simpsons Last Exit To Springfield 127
The Simpsons Halloween Of Horror 159
Six Feet Under Pilot 004
Six Feet Under Everybody’s Waiting 097
Six Feet Under All Alone 155
Slings & Arrows Madness in Great Ones 029†
Slings & Arrows Fair Is Foul And Foul Is Fair 332
Smash Pilot 168
The Sopranos Pine Barrens 032†
The Sopranos College 001
The Sopranos Made In America 070
The Sopranos Funhouse 138
The Sopranos Cold Stones 308
South Park Terrance and Phillip in: Not Without My Anus 026
South Park Scott Tenorman Must Die 038
Sports Night Smoky 052†
Star Trek Mirror, Mirror 090
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Duet 124
Star Trek: The Next Generation The Inner Light 032
Star Trek: The Next Generation Darmok 043
Steven Universe Mr. Greg 244
Steven Universe So Many Birthdays 338
Strangers With Candy Feather in the Storm 331
Supernatural Changing Channels 184
Survivor The Merge 019
Survivor Going Down In Flames 108
Survivor If It Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese 270
Survivor The Final Four 320
Succession Nobody Is Ever Missing 292
Succession Safe Room 341
Taxi The Wedding Of Latka And Simka 014
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Later Buddy 184
Terriers Asunder 026†
That Mitchell And Webb Look S01.E01 028
Three’s Company Up In The Air 166
Toast Of London Hamm On Toast 293
The Twilight Zone Time Enough At Last 076†
Twin Peaks Zen, Or The Skill To Catch A Killer 035†
Twin Peaks Beyond Life And Death 145
The Tyra Banks Show Naomi Campbell 325
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Kimmy’s In A Love Triangle! 066
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Kimmy Does A Puzzle! 204
Undeclared Eric Visits 079†
Veep Mother 172
Veep Special Relationship 087
The Venture Bros. The Doctor Is Sin 148
Veronica Mars A Trip To The Dentist 085
Veronica Mars Spit & Eggs 034†
Watchmen This Extraordinary Being 313
What We Do In The Shadows On The Run 305
The West Wing Someone’s Going To Emergency, Someone’s Going To Jail 026†
The West Wing Celestial Navigation 011
The West Wing Indians In The Lobby 095
The West Wing In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen 196
The Walking Dead Seed 035
The Walking Dead The Grove 079
Will & Grace A Chorus Lie 023†
Will & Grace Von Trapped 047
The Wire Old Cases 073†
The Wire Final Grades 008
WKRP In Cincinnati Turkey’s Away 058†
The X-Files Home 054†
The X-Files Jose Chung’s From Outer Space 070†
The X-Files Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose 034
The X-Files Never Again 058
The X-Files The Unnatural 084
The X-Files Humbug 319

The Nonac

Show Episode Title Y/N Ep.#
Arrested Development Ready, Aim, Marry Me 191
Battlestar Galactica Black Market Mini†
Beverly Hills, 90210 It's A Totally Happening Life 281
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Amends 024
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Into The Woods 146
Dawson's Creek Downtown Crossing 051
Detroiters Hark Motors 216
Downton Abbey Series 5 Episode 3 081
ER Freefall 136
Father Brown The Passing Bell 307
Friday Night Lights Last Days Of Summer 128
Friends The One Where Rosita Dies 222
Gilmore Girls A Vineyard Valentine 217
The Golden Girls Empty Nests 257
The Good Wife And The Law Won 051
How I Met Your Mother Last Forever 137
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Frank's Brother 094
M*A*S*H Dreams 169
Miami Vice Missing Hours 176
My So-Called Life The Substitute 176
The Office (US) Cafe Disco 110
Project Runway Go Big Or Go Home 051
Riverdale Wicked Little Town 339
Sherlock The Final Problem 296
Star Trek: The Next Generation Shades Of Gray 057
Star Trek: The Next Generation Sub Rosa 261
That 70s Show That 70s Musical 107
The X-Files The Field Where I Died 157