Episode 9

Warrior Women of the Small Screen


October 21st, 2013

1 hr 18 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Joined by special guest Nick Rheinwald-Jones, the gang talks about their favorite -- and least favorite -- lady bad-asses from A (Anna Espinosa) to…uh, A (President Laura Roslin's fondness for the airlock), and why Carrie Mathison has all the ingredients for warriordom, but doesn't make the list. We chat about the latest plot shenanigans on Homeland, and try to predict whether Dave will hate ancient-Egyptian crime-magic period hybrid Hieroglyph. Then we consider a third-season Buffy episode for inclusion in The Canon, declare a winner and loser, and do a lot of singing in a non-regulation Game Time. (Buntsy is a little pitchy, dawgs.)