Episode 408

Enrolling In Lovestruck High


May 25th, 2022

1 hr 10 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Some maniac got the idea to throw a bunch of British adults (and one Irish adult) into a fake American high school set and make them date each other in the manner of teen movie characters; some other maniacs decided to discuss this brand-new offering from Amazon Prime Video on this podcast, and we've brought back Brandi Brown to join us! Around The Dial takes us through Hacks, New Scandinavian Cooking, and Naked City. Tara pitches the Shrill episode "WAHAM" for induction into the Canon. Then after naming the week's Winner and Loser, it's on to a Game Time that will have you under its spell. The bell is ringing, so find a seat in homeroom and join us for our latest podcast!

Show Topics

  • Lovestruck High
  • ATD: Hacks
  • ATD: New Scandinavian Cooking
  • ATD: Naked City
  • The Canon: Shrill S02.E06: WAHAM
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
  • Game Time: We Get Letters

Show Notes


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  • The EHG gang have been recording this podcast for almost a decade now. In podcasting terms, that makes us positively Methuselahian. Since the start of EHG, our listeners have asked if we had a tip jar or donation system and we'd look at each other and say surely that is a joke, people don't pay other people to do podcasts. We'd email them back "Ha ha ha, good one, Chet" and go about our business. Now we are told this is a real thing that real nice people do. Value for value? In today's topsy turvy world? It's madness but that good kind of madness, like when you wake up at 3:15am and clean your house. Or something. In all seriousness, we are humbled by your continued prodding to get a Patreon page up for EHG and here it is! Extra Hot Great on Patreon