Episode 388

Non-Regulation Game Time, Times Three!


January 5th, 2022

1 hr 26 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

So...the original plan was to watch the 1979 miniseries Backstairs At The White House -- even though, at nine hours, it's longer than some actual series are these days. Then Dave and Tara got less than half an hour into it and pulled the plug. Dan -- who did watch it -- tells us what we missed, but then we just roll on past that to a trio of Non-Regulation Game Times! Who knows the most about TV actors who share names with U.S. presidents, and about original songs from TV episodes, AND about reunion movies made years after the series that spawned them went off the air? This special episode's games leave no one in doubt!

Show Topics

  • Dan briefly describes the miniseries Backstairs At The White House
  • Non-Regulation Game Time: His Name Is My Name Too
  • Non-Regulation Game Time: Tube Tunes VIII
  • Non-Regulation Game Time: TV Reunions

Show Notes


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