Episode 380

Debating The New Head Of The Class


November 10th, 2021

1 hr 15 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

The latest high school-based '80s sitcom to get a revival is HBO Max's 2021 take on Head Of The Class, so Daniel MacEachern -- a fan of the original in its day -- has joined us to talk about whether it's a pass or fail! Around The Dial takes us through Season 2 of Frayed, an update on Married At First Sight, Deutschland 89, Yellowstone, The Great British Bake Off (or Baking Show, depending on where you are), Project Runway, and the findings of the TV Holiday Corridor Committee. Tara explains why she is NOT a crackpot to think Rick was funnier before his lines got subtitled on Big Mouth. Danny presents the Ted Lasso episode "Trent Crimm: The Independent" for the Canon. Then we name the week's Winner and Loser and close out with a Game Time that has us contemplating celebrity mortality. Get out your notebook -- do kids still take those to class?! -- and listen!

Show Topics

  • Head Of The Class
  • ATD: Frayed
  • ATD: Married At First Sight
  • ATD: Deutschland 89
  • ATD: Big Mouth
  • ATD: The Great British Bake Off
  • ATD: Project Runway
  • ATD: TV Holiday Corridor Committee Findings
  • I Am Not A Crackpot: Rick Was Funnier Before Big Mouth Started Subtitling Him
  • The Canon: Ted Lasso S01.E03: Trent Crimm: The Independent
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
  • Game Time: Dead? Simpsons? Both? Neither?

Show Notes


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