Episode 363

Should You Slide Into The New Gossip Girl's DMs?


July 14th, 2021

1 hr 13 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Nadia Chaudhury of Eater Austin joins us for the first time to talk about the second time around for Gossip Girl. Does the 2021 reboot know who it's for? Did the original benefit from the suspense surrounding Gossip Girl's identity? And will we keep watching even if Tavi Gevinson's acting doesn't improve? After Gordon Lightfoot Cole dropped in to make a request, we went Around The Dial with White Lotus, Monsters At Work, We Are Lady Parts, Heist, and This Is Pop before listener Lauren pitched an ICO (initial Canon offering) for a third-season Halt And Catch Fire episode. Kiefer won (the presidency), a Netflix show lost, and we cast about for answers in Game Time. Listen now! xoxo, EHG

Show Topics

  • Gossip Girl
  • ATD: The White Lotus
  • ATD: Monsters At Work
  • ATD: We Are Lady Parts
  • ATD: Heist
  • ATD: This Is Pop
  • The Canon: Halt And Catch Fire S03.E07: The Threshold
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
  • Game Time: Last-Minute Changes

Show Notes


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